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We try to show our dedication to you our customers by passing on our high quality of standards and great customer service. To further show our dedication to you we are passing on the savings by offering some great deals on both Windows and Vinyl Siding!

  • 10% Off on Kingsroyal® Patio Doors *
  • 10% Off on Double or Triple Windows *
  • $1,500.00 Off of Seamless Vinyl Siding. **
*Window and Patio door discount with purchase of 5 windows.
** Siding discount with minimum purchase of 2,000 sq ft.

Referral Program

Our high quality standards and great customer service means that "word of mouth" has been our most successful form of advertising. It has been so successful, in fact, that we have been able to give our customers a little something back for helping making our family business one of the largest siding and window companies in Iowa. Right now, 48% of our customers have received a check from us just for telling their friends, family & neighbors how much they love their new siding and windows!

How does it work? Every time one of our new customers purchases siding or windows and tells us that they heard about us from one of our previous customers, the referer gets money based on the number of windows or siding products they purchase! The average referral check is $300! So, if someone sent you our way, send some money theirs! So, Contact Us! today to set up your FREE Estimate!

We offer 100% Financing!

We know that buying new windows and siding can be a big investment in the short term. However, we also know how much peace of mind they can provide for you and your family in addition to the money you will save on heating and cooling costs over time and how much easier the maintainance is. This is why we offer 100% Financing to qualifying applicants. So, Contact Us! today and ask us about financing options.

EnergyAdvantage® Financing

Save Some Green

If you’re considering purchasing replacement windows, remember that there are federal tax credits available for consumers for making their homes more energy efficient in 2013. Purchase Soft-Lite or Soft-Lite GoreII ENERGY STAR® qualified windows and you’ll save twice—first with the tax credit, then by significantly lowering your home energy usage and cost!

The EnergyAdvantage® Financing program for windows and exterior doors, through MidAmerican Energy and First American Bank, is available to MidAmerican Energy's Iowa residential customers for purchasing and installing qualifying high-efficiency windows and exterior doors when MidAmerican Energy supplies their primary mechanical heating or mechanical cooling energy. The loan approval process is designed to be quick and easy, with loan approval typically occurring within one day. Iowa residential customers may choose from competitive interest rate financing, fixed for the term of the loan or six months same-as-cash. Financing applications must be completed no later than three months following window or exterior door installation. The minimum loan amount is $1,000.

Not All Windows and Exterior Doors Are Created Equal

Before choosing windows and exterior doors, it is important to ensure they meet the standards of energy efficiency set by MidAmerican Energy. Professionally manufactured windows and exterior doors must have certified U-factor and Solar Heat Gain Coefficient ratings to be eligible for EnergyAdvantage Financing. Customers should call 800-894-9599 to verify the eligibility of the windows and doors they are considering. Windows and exterior doors must bear the National Fenestration Rating Council® label to be considered certified. MidAmerican Energy will verify eligibility of windows and exterior doors using the most recent editions of the NFRC certification directory. Customers must retain all NFRC labels until the windows and doors are verified or the loan is closed. As part of the loan documentation, one NFRC label must be submitted with the invoice for each style of window, patio door or exterior door that is being installed. Windows and exterior doors must be installed by a window or door dealer recognized by MidAmerican Energy. All windows must include a new frame. Sash-only replacement is not eligible for EnergyAdvantage Financing. Storm doors and storm windows are not eligible for EnergyAdvantage Financing.

For more details check out the MidAmerican Financing page

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