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Q. What material are the Shakes and Scallops constructed from?

A.   They are designed by artisans and engineered with durable Polymer which makes each piece look handmade. They will never crack, warp, rot or split and never need painting.


Q. How many designs are there to choose from?

A.   We have four authentic cedar reproductions – Scallops, Traditional Shake, Hand-Split Shake, and Cape Cod Shingle.


Q. What is the difference between Scallop and Shakes?

A.   Scallops have a rounded bottom and are typically used in the gables of your home.

Shakes, the more popular of the two, are more contemporary in style and have a straight edge bottom.


Q. Do they look authentic?

A.   Yes, they are very natural-looking with a cedar wood grain that has been molded from actual cedar planks.


Q. How long are the panels?

A.   The panels are approximately 6’ long, which means fewer seams and a cleaner exterior appearance.  Also, a self-concealing seam lock for a flawless, classic look.


Q. How many colors do they come in?

A.   We have 26 different colors to choose from, which gives you a wide variety of Exciting Color Possibilities.


Q. Are they covered by a Warranty?

A.   Yes, the Shakes and Scallops have a Lifetime Transferable Warranty.

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