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Q. What is NextStone made of?

A.   It is made of composite Polyurethane, reinforced with recycled PVC for durability.


Q. What are the advantages of NextStone over real stone?

A.   Real stone is typically about 4” thick and the house needs a brick ledge to support the stone.  It can install more quickly lowering the time and cost for installation.


Q. Can the panels be installed onto foundation, Cement, or Cinder Block?

A.   Yes, the panels can be screwed on any flush subsurface.


Q. My current siding needs replaced; how can I incorporate stone into the design of my home?

A.   There are many ways, we can apply stone to some areas and the Seamless Vinyl Siding to other areas.

We can follow your suggestions or provide you with advice on where the best placement for stone.


Q. What maintenance is required?

A.   NextStone requires minimal maintenance. The exterior siding panels do not require painting, staining, or waterproofing, only the occasional spray down with a garden hose.


Q. Is there any Energy Savings?

A.   NextStone has an R-Value of 4.5 per inch of thickness when used for exterior applications. This additional insulation will help reduce energy costs


Q. Are there choices to choose from?

A.   Accenting the exterior of your home has never been easier, with a variety of classic and contemporary colors, styles and profiles

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