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Midwest Seamless Siding & Windows can proudly say that they have been in business since 1963.

When Mike Hutchinson started Midwest Seamless Siding & Windows He chose not to be the "ME TOO" company like everyone else. He chose not to buy all his products through wholesalers and Lumber yards like everyone else. He didnt want to offer the same products that everyone else had. Mike Hutchinson built Midwest Seamless Siding and Windows from the ground up wanting to be innovative and bring something to the Market that no one else had seen and to give a whole new look and approach offering Quality Siding & Window products that gave home owners something new and exciting for their homes. Mike Hutchinson also provided the highest quality service to go with the products he represented.

In 2005 Mike Hutchinson gave me the opportunity to work for him and his company teaching me the industry and business side of the Siding and Window market.

This year in 2019 Mike Hutchinson decided to Semi-Retire and Asked me if I was interested in buying Midwest Seamless Siding and Windows. I was honored and accepted his offer. Now as Owner of the

company I want to carry on the Legacy of Mike Hutchinson and the Great Company that he has built. Words will never be able express the gratitude and respect I have for Mike Hutchinson for the opportunity he has given me and trusting in me to carry his legacy and Midwest Seamless Siding & Windows forward and into the future.

I am very happy and proud to say Mike Hutchinson is still working for the Company.

Mike Maher and Mike Hutchinson

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